How we work

The Beekeeping Network North-South (BNNS) is a network of beekeeping experts, representatives of beekeeping and development organizations, and other stakeholders involved in beekeeping, that are committed to promoting the role of beekeeping as a development tool.

There are three types of Members :

  • Effective members: are those who wish to actively participate in the activities of BNNS. They pay a yearly membership fee of 50 Euros and participate in the General Assembly where they have one vote (electronic voting is possible).To become an active member, please send your motivation in an email to BNNS. Requests for effective membership will have to be approved by the Steering Committee.
  • Supporting members: are people who agree with the philosophy of BNNS and symbolically want to support the work of BNNS by signing the memorandum. Supporting members do not pay a membership fee, and have no voting rights.
  • Honorary members: are people that have been identified by BNNS for their important contribution to beekeeping and/or because they can provide strategic support to BNNS. They are invited by the board or the Advisory Committee to become member of BNNS.

Our way of functioning is based on three levels:

General Assembly: meeting once a year;
Advisory Committee: meeting twice a year;
Steering Committee (maximum 4 people, elected by Advisory Committee): meeting twice a year.

Reports of the meetings may be requested by filling in your name and e-mail address below.



  • Hugo Herter

    AC 12apr15:
    Would it be possible to make the Memorandum to sign more apparent (on the front page?)?

    Membership: isn’t there a higher fee for organisations ?

    • 8:22 am - April 12, 2015

  • Bwambale Daniel

    I am writing to ask you to help us by connecting us to organizations which can fund Beekeeping.
    We are a local NGO based in western Uganda involved in a number of community projects. The reason of this communication is to request you for material, financial and or technical support which will help us manage Bee keeping project.
    We shall give you more information

    Thank you

    • 6:18 pm - July 6, 2016

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